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Single rope winding mine hoist series

Single rope winding mine hoist series
Single rope winding mine hoist series
  • Single rope winding mine hoist series
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    Single rope winding mine hoist series
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Detailed description
JK Type hoist:
It is the main means of transportation in mining industry to connect underground with ground. Used for lifting coal, ore, gangue, lifting personnel, materials, tools and equipment in shaft and inclined shaft. The main shaft device adopts the split and integral elastic structure drum, which has uniform force and high strength. The disc brake is the rear type of cylinder, flexible action, non-greasy brake disc, safe and reliable; the hydraulic station has the performance of electrical delay two-stage braking and can be automatically released at the wellhead; the double-drum hoist has a radial toothed block rope-adjusting clutch. Electrical appliances have all kinds of necessary electrical protection and interlocking devices. Power brake is provided as required.
JK mine hoist is divided into JK and JK/E series. JK/E mine hoist is equipped with planetary gear reducer, archway pilot indicator, axle breaking protection device and motor end coupling with vertical mobile brake.
Single cylinder:
JTP-1.6 Mine hoist
JK-2 mine hoist
JK-2.5 Mine Hoist
JK-3 mine hoist
JK-3.5 Mine Hoist
JK-4 Mine Hoist

2JTP-1.6 Mine hoist
2JK-2 mine hoist
2JK-2.5 Mine Hoist
2JK-3 mine hoist
2JK-3.5 Mine Hoist
2JK-4 Mine Hoist

JTP lifting winch:
Winch adopts elastic welded structure drum (drum can be separated), disc brake and hydraulic station device, braking sensitivity and speed; twin drum winch has radial gear block rope adjusting clutch and rope adjusting interlocking device, rope adjusting accurately and quickly, with archway depth indicator, electrical system has control cabinet (screen), operating table, resistor, motor and other components, the whole machine equipment has structure. The advantages of compact operation, safety and reliability, low electric sand, etc.
Table of Basic Performance Parameters of Single-barrel Mine Hoist
Table of Basic Performance Parameters of Double-barrel Mine Hoist
Basic Performance Parameter Table of JTP Mine Hoist
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