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Multi-rope friction hoist

Multi-rope friction hoist
Multi-rope friction hoist
  • Multi-rope friction hoist
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    Multi-rope friction hoist
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Detailed description
This series of products are used in coal mine, metal mine and non-metal mine as lifting coal, minerals, lifting personnel, materials and equipment.
Technical characteristics:
According to the requirements of hoist performance parameters, single or double brake disc friction wheels can be configured. The motor pad of ground friction hoist is double rope groove GM-3 high-performance friction pad with rope-pulling device. Without oil, water or using special grease, the friction coefficient of friction pad is not less than 0.25, all of them are phenolic resin fixed blocks and pressing blocks;
Skywheel device, with eccentric arrangement, is equipped with PVC liner on the wheel; cylinder rear disc brake, electro-hydraulic joint control, hydraulic station is divided into two types: medium and low pressure and medium and high pressure. There are two modes of constant braking electric delay and proportional valve high pressure and electrical delay two-stage braking in medium and low pressure hydraulic stations; there are two types of constant deceleration and constant braking moment two-stage braking in medium and high pressure hydraulic stations, which can be equipped with pressure relay, pressure sensor and pressure transmitter;
It is equipped with speed measurement, transmission and backup protection. It provides brake disc deflection monitoring device, wire rope turbulence monitoring device, trough device, special tools and other components. There are four kinds of operation tables to choose from. All of them use integrated signal lamp, two are desk-type and equipped with a new type of integrated operation handle. One is a computer with LCD display, and the other two are split-type control tables equipped with digital depth. Degree indicator. All have special desktops such as industrial TV, computer and printer, and are equipped with network control and remote diagnosis system of mine hoist.
Basic Performance Parameter Table of JKM and JKMD Series Multi-rope Friction Hoist

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