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High Voltage Frequency Conversion Control System

High Voltage Frequency Conversion Control System
High Voltage Frequency Conversion Control System
  • High Voltage Frequency Conversion Control System
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    High Voltage Frequency Conversion Control System
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Detailed description

Application Scope and Usage

This series of electrical control equipment is a complete set of electrical control equipment for single and multi-rope mine hoist driven by high-voltage winding asynchronous motor. It can be matched with newly installed hoist, and is also suitable for upgrading and reforming the old electric control system. The system adopts new components such as LG-BP-T, F6, 10 high-voltage frequency conversion speed regulation system and programmable logic controller (PLC) which are certified by the relevant departments of the state. It completes the control of the elevator without impact start, steady acceleration and steady deceleration, accurate imitation of Song car and positive and negative rotation, and has complete electrical protection and interlocking, which conforms to the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" and relevant countries. The requirements of the family standard.

Structural characteristics

The high-voltage variable-frequency electric control system consists of an operating table, a numerical control machine, a high-voltage frequency converter and a supervisory and control system.

LG-BP-T, F60, 10 high-voltage converters adopt advanced technologies such as phase-symmetrical rectification, power unit cascade wave, vector control, etc. The power factor is more than 0.95. They are non-harmonic to the power grid, green environmental protection products, and can operate in harsh power grid environment. They have strong anti-interference ability and all kinds of necessary protection functions. It can be applied to common asynchronous motor and can be used without principle modification for existing hoist.

The original programmable controller of Siemens Company is used in the operation, monitoring and safety protection system, and two sets of programmable control system are adopted. The I and O modules of the programmable controller are backed up. The main modern computer can fulfill the control requirements of various operation modes, such as manual, semi-automatic, overhaul and manual emergency parking, as well as the control requirements of special working conditions such as low-speed operation.

Technical performance

(1) High reliability

1. System redundancy design; 2. & nbsp; Perfect detection, protection and accurate positioning, display and alarm functions; 3. High voltage main circuit and controller are connected by optical fibers, which have strong anti-interference ability; 4. Given control of shock-proof S-curve in starting process, output step sinusoidal PWM waveform, which is harmless to cables and motors, and reduces mechanical vibration of bearings.

(2) Wide scope of application

1. High-high voltage source frequency converter, direct 10KV input, direct 10KV output, no transformer or filter; built-in PLC, easy to change the control logic relationship, flexible field control/remote control, to adapt to the changeable field without principle; 3. High input power factor, less current harmonics, no power factor compensation, harmonic suppression device; 4. Permanent common asynchronous motor; & nbsp; Manual, semi-automatic and automatic speed setting control.

(3) Humanized Design

1. Easy installation, setting and debugging; 2. Display and adjustment of parameters are set by human menu instruction; 3. Modular design of power circuit, simple maintenance and good interchangeability; 4. Chinese WINDOWS operation interface, color LCD touch screen operation.

Instructions for ordering

1. When ordering, it is necessary to specify the type of hoist, provide the main motor type, specifications, voltage, current and other parameters of the hoist, as well as the schematic diagram of the braking system.

2. Provide lifting speed plan and effort plan.

3. Unless otherwise specified, the main motor is not included in the general set of electronic controls.

Other special requirements may be submitted and signed at the time of ordering as an annex to the contract.

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