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PLC Electric Control of Mine Hoist

PLC Electric Control of Mine Hoist
PLC Electric Control of Mine Hoist
  • PLC Electric Control of Mine Hoist
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    PLC Electric Control of Mine Hoist
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Detailed description

PLC electronic control system uses Siemens S7 series programmable logic controller to control logic through system software instead of TKD series relay logic operation. It uses 10.4 inch real color touch screen to set operation parameters and display operation graphics and text. It realizes all kinds of protection required by safety retail price regulation of coal mine.:

Speed display; Loose rope protection;
Man-machine interface backup deceleration protection, deceleration point alarm;
Speed chart display; Fault alarm record;
Depth display; Upgrade operation record;
Overspeed protection; power off memory function;
Two-meter speed limit protection; backup overwinding protection;
Depth indicator failure protection; Wellhead automatic stop;
Encoder drive shaft breaking protection; automatic switching and locking and other back-up protection.

Punctuation signal display and locking provide conditions for the automation of modern products. And it can automatically detect the problems occurring in the branch of elevator. Fault description and text prompt; automatic generation of historical records, greatly to do a day monk hit a clock on-site records and maintenance work, to ensure long-term operation of the equipment.
The software of the system will have independent intellectual property rights and won two national patents.

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